The International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM) is the premier international meeting in the area of inorganic membranes. ICIM is organized every other year devoted exclusively to the science and technology of inorganic membranes. Since the inception in 1989 in Montpellier, France, ICIMs have been held in:

    1991 the 2nd Montpellier
    1994 the 3rd Worcester
    1996 the 4th Gatlinburg
    1998 the 5th Nagoya
    2000 the 6th Montpellier
    2002 the 7th Dalian
    2004 the 8th Cincinnati
    2006 the 9th Lillehammer
    2008 the 10th Tokyo
    2010 the 11th Washington DC
    2012 the 12th Enscheda
    2014 the 13th Brisbane
    2016 the 14th Atlanta
    2018 the 15th Dresden

The former fifteen conferences provided excellent opportunities for researchers from academia and industries to report and discuss the fundamentals and applications of inorganic membranes. The 16th ICIM will continue this tradition and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ICIM.